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Lord of the Rings One Ring Movie Prop Replica

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Lord of the Rings fans, do you want your very own “precious” ring? This gold-plated tungsten ring is a spitting image replica of the one from the trilogy. Just be careful, you know that even the purest person who wears it gets corrupted over time…

-50% Liquid Coconut Oil for Face Moisturization

Liquid Coconut Oil for Face Moisturization

All the rage: Coconut oil for face and body moisturizing. None of the rage: how it's sometimes a solid, sometimes mush, and sometimes a liquid. Get liquid consistency with ...

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-42% Round Beach Towel

Round Beach Towel

Stop being so square. Or rectangular. Right now it's all about the round beach towel. Spread out in the sand on this generous sized, mandala patterned beach towel and enjoy ...

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-17% Solar Eclipse-Viewing Glasses

Solar Eclipse-Viewing Glasses

Guys! Next month on August 21, the US will get to experience a rare and awesome solar eclipse! Don't burn your retinas, though, be prepared with these glasses that make looking at ...

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Octopus Tentacle Knit Hat

Octopus Tentacle Knit Hat

This novelty 🐙 tentacle knit hat is perfect for anyone who watched Pirates of the Caribbean and longed to have a tentacle face just like Davy Jones. Be the captain of your own ...

Keyless Entry Bluetooth Bike Lock

Keyless Entry Bluetooth Bike Lock

So you ride your bike somewhere shady and you don't want it to get stolen. A bike lock is a great solution, but who wants to hang onto that key 🔑 ? This bluetooth bike lock allows ...

MoMA Modern Art Perpetual Calendar

MoMA Modern Art Perpetual Calendar

This MoMA perpetual calendar is classy, modern, and the perfect desktop addition for any modern art lover. Good to use year after year, you won't grow tired of its sleek design ...

Kitty-Shaped Silicone Egg Mold

Kitty-Shaped Silicone Egg Mold

Mornings can be miserable. In the hectic rush in your routine you may want to pull your hair out! This egg mold that's shaped like a kitty may just be the thing to put a smile on ...

Music-Activated Car Stickers

Music-Activated Car Stickers

These fun car stickers can be placed on your rear window and plugged into your car. Then... they sync with whatever music you happen to be playing and light up in time with the ...

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