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Lord of the Rings One Ring Movie Prop Replica

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Lord of the Rings fans, do you want your very own “precious” ring? This gold-plated tungsten ring is a spitting image replica of the one from the trilogy. Just be careful, you know that even the purest person who wears it gets corrupted over time…

Zero Gravity Fridge Toy

Zero Gravity Fridge Toy

Make believe you're on a mission to Mars with this zero gravity rover toy. Watch as it hovers over the surface of your fridge! Sure to delight any kid who would love to be an ...

10 Unique Gift Ideas for High School Grads

10 Unique Gift Ideas for High School Grads

Yay! Someone you know and love has graduated from high school. As the first of (hopefully) many big accomplishments in their lives, earning that diploma deserves some celebration! ...

-11% Set of Four Agate Coasters

Set of Four Agate Coasters

Grab this pretty set of 4 agate coasters and spruce up your bland coffee table while keeping water ring stains at bay. These gem-like coasters will make you look and feel fancy ...

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WiFi Home Monitoring Robot

WiFi Home Monitoring Robot

Gone are the days when a bump in the night would leave you wondering if someone was creeping around the house. Now you can use this wifi home monitoring robot to go check out ...

-34% Round Planet Print Fleece Throw Blankets

Round Planet Print Fleece Throw Blankets

Love the idea of cuddling under the stars? Well how about under the planets, instead? With these round throw blankets in your choice of Earth, Jupiter, or Mars, your cuddle sesh ...

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Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens Card Game

A card game of pure ridiculounesness to bring a dash of crazy to your social gatherings. Russian Roulette meets strategy meets taco cats, as CNN reviewed, "Its like UNO, except ...

-28% Fjallraven Laptop Backpack

Fjallraven Laptop Backpack

Do as the Swedes do and grab yourself this iconic Fjallraven Kanken bag in a modern-updated laptop backpack style. Sweden is known for producing well-designed and high-quality ...

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Giant Googly Eyes

Giant Googly Eyes

As one reviewer puts it, "They're eyes. They're googly. They make people smile." Picture putting these giant googly eyes on a car, mailbox, or anything else to bring the object to ...

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