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Yoda Floral Print Infinity Scarf

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This infinity scarf proves you can have it all: a girl who loves geek culture and can also pull together a v cute outfit ๐Ÿ’. That’s because it’s covered in a Yoda and friends floral print! Throw it on to respect The Force while getting your outfit on point.

-24% Collectible Quidditch Game Set

Collectible Quidditch Game Set

Harry Potter fans: This collectible Quidditch game set is sure to delight. It comes with a locked trunk, poster, a Quaffle, 2 Bludgers, and a Snitch. Dress up your room, dorm, or ...

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Petcube Video Monitor with Laser Toy

Petcube Video Monitor with Laser Toy

Want to check on your beloved pets while you're away? Now you can with the Petcube video monitor! You can talk to them, hear their meows and barks, see if they've gotten into ...

Botanical Therapy Essential Oil Pillow Spray

Botanical Therapy Essential Oil Pillow Spray

Stress keeping you up at night? (Which of course, just adds to your stress!) Nip this nasty cycle in the bud with this botanical therapy pillow spray. Spritz these essential oil ...

-63% Retro Captain America Collector’s Set

Retro Captain America Collector’s Set

Nothing screams patriotism like the classic look of 1940's era Captain America. Steve Rogers helped us win the war and won our hearts over in the process. This action figure ...

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Lantern String Lights

Lantern String Lights

Take that classic look of an old hurricane lantern and put that onto a strand of useful, modern day string lights. Bam. Your back deck weekend hangouts just got that much cuter. ...

Bubble Ball for Children

Bubble Ball for Children

Just like the grownup sized one but a child-sized human bubbleย ball! Let your tots bash their friends and playmates to the ground with these fun inflatable bubbleย balls. ...

-47% Homemade Pasta Roller

Homemade Pasta Roller

Bring the taste of Italy right to your kitchen with this homemade pasta roller. Mix up some quick dough, run it through the roller, and woo your bae with an Italian meal made for ...

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-56% DSLR Cover for Underwater Photography

DSLR Cover for Underwater Photography

So, you got a fancy DSLR camera and know you're a photography boss. Want to take those skills under water without having to buy a bunch of extra gear? Just grab this DSLR cover! ...

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