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Yoda Floral Print Infinity Scarf

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This infinity scarf proves you can have it all: a girl who loves geek culture and can also pull together a v cute outfit 💁. That’s because it’s covered in a Yoda and friends floral print! Throw it on to respect The Force while getting your outfit on point.

The Manly Art of Knitting Book

The Manly Art of Knitting Book

So you're a manly man and you think you can't tap into your love of crafts? This knitting book for men from 1972 is hilarious but not meant to be ironic. After all, you can knit ...

-58% Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

The stupid squirrels always end up stealing all your bird seed anyway, so you might as well at least make it a fun spectacle to watch. They pop into the squirrel feeder for a ...

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-27% Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtain

Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtain

What do you get when you take a picture of Jeff Goldblum looking suave, superimpose a monkey next to him, and slap it on a shower curtain? Utter nonsense on a very practical ...

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Pie Face Family Game

Pie Face Family Game

You've seen the viral videos of families playing the Pie Face game. Get in on the action yourself and bring the whole family together to play! Wait with baited breath to see which ...

-34% Smart Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Smart Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Parents of new babies worry, fret, then worry some more. This smart baby monitor will ease some of those worries when it comes to bed time. It's equipped with video and night ...

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Hibachi Grill Hot Stone Set

Hibachi Grill Hot Stone Set

Grab your friends and show off your chef skills with this tabletop hibachi grill hot stone set. Heat up the stone, throw a steak on it right in front of your friends, and cook ...

-64% Umbrella with Sunny Sky Print Inside

Umbrella with Sunny Sky Print Inside

Gloomy, rainy day? Cheer things up a bit, at least from your point of view, with this umbrella. What may look like a boring black umbrella to the rest of the world is actually a ...

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Window Pod Cat Bed

Window Pod Cat Bed

Indoor kitties love to watch the world go by while sitting in front of a window - its like 😸 📺. This cat bed mounts to your window and gives them a cozy, out-of-the-way pod that ...

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