Pet Pouch Hoodie

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Got a little pooch small enough to fit in a pouch? This pet pouch hoodie has the perfect resting spot for your spoiled little pup. Cuddle them as you chill around your house or bring them along as you run your errands. No judgement from us! 🐶 ❤️

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Roodie Pet Pouch Hoodie - Small Cat Dog Carrier Holder Sweatshirt -...

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-34% Self Cleaning Hairbrush

Self Cleaning Hairbrush

Hairbrushes are great, but when they're choked in our hair they put off a bit of a nasty vibe. This brush is self cleaning so you can resolve the gross problem with the greatest ...

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-20% Death Star Bean Bag Chair Cover

Death Star Bean Bag Chair Cover

Let the rebels know that they're not welcome in your home with this ever-looming Death Star bean bag chair cover. With this chair in your seating arsenal, you can snack, play ...

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Slang Flashcards

Slang Flashcards

So you're a bit nerdy but you want to roll deep with the in crowd. How do you get there? Slang. Your lack of slang knowledge is making you lame. Grab these flashcards and pull ...

-17% Mulled Cider Spice Kit

Mulled Cider Spice Kit

There's something about the warm spice flavor of mulled cider that just screams THANKSGIVING. With the season right upon us, grab this mulling spice kit to make your taste buds ...

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple’s Halloween Costume

Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple’s Halloween Costume

Need a last minute halloween costume for you and bae? A coordinating outfit is always the talk of any dress up party and this peanut butter and jelly couples halloween costume ...

-34% Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

Trekkies, you'll love that this mini fridge is made in the perfect likeness of a formidable Borg Cube. It glows green inside and out. As a legit bonus, it has settings to keep the ...

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Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The Force is strong with this one... strong enough that it makes the Death Star float mid-air right on your table! This levitating bluetooth speaker will please any Star Wars fan ...

All-In-One Breakfast Sandwich Maker

All-In-One Breakfast Sandwich Maker

You need a breakfast sandwich in a hurry. You need equipment that can do it all, multitask, and save your morning. This all in one breakfast sandwich maker warms your bread, meat, ...

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