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Awkward Human Survival Guide Book

-57% Awkward Human Survival Guide Book

Life is full of awkward situations, like dealing with a chronically smelly coworker or accidentally telling your boss "I love you." 😳 😑 😳 Learn how to handle these awkward human interactions in this ...

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Literal Book Bag

Literal Book Bag

Got any big bibliophiles in your life? 📖 🤓 (For those with small vocabularies, that's someone who loves books.) That book lover is sure to love this messenger-style literal book bag. It looks like a ...

Cooking for Geeks Cookbook

-31% Cooking for Geeks Cookbook

Geeks just want you to talk geeky to them. Take this cookbook, for example. Let them geek out over the science and curiosities spelled out in each recipe and all of a sudden they'll become master ...

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Unbored Adventure Activity Book

-25% Unbored Adventure Activity Book

In this day and age, what excuse do we have to be bored? Kids 200 years ago had to spend their summers churning butter. Now, we need an awesome activity book like this one to remind us of all the ...

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What I Love About Dad Journal

What I Love About Dad Journal

Father's Day is fast approaching! You still have time to get this What I Love About Dad journal for kids to fill in for Pops. A dad would have to be a complete grinch if this personalized journal ...

Women in Science Book

Women in Science Book

Hands down, our #womencrushwednesday goes out to all the awesome ladies in this Women in Science book. These female pioneers helped pave the way in things like animal conservation and rocket science, ...