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Women in Science Book

Women in Science Book

Hands down, our #womencrushwednesday goes out to all the awesome ladies in this Women in Science book. These female pioneers helped pave the way in things like animal conservation and rocket science, ...

Urban Jungle Gardening Book

-37% Urban Jungle Gardening Book

Just because you don't have a big outdoor space of your own doesn't mean you can't have an urban jungle full of the living greenery that puts a smile on your face. Learn how to maximize your indoor ...

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Funny Side Hustle How To Book

Funny Side Hustle How To Book

Need a side hustle to increase your spending cash? This book if full of not-so-legitimate ways to make money in your spare time. Warning: PLEASE don't take the advice in this book seriously. Or at ...

Pantone Colors Children’s Book

-33% Pantone Colors Children’s Book

Teach your kiddos a love for color and design with this children's book on Pantone colors 🎨. Because nobody wants a color-illiterate baby who calls violet purple or mixes up teal and turquoise πŸ™„. ...

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1000 Record Covers Album Art Book

-11% 1000 Record Covers Album Art Book

Do you appreciate the fine craft of album art? This coffee table book of 1000 record covers is perfect for you. Spanning from the 60's to the 90's, the album covers in this book will make you ...

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Traumatize Your Children Funny Book

-8% Traumatize Your Children Funny Book

What's wrong with a little parenting irony sometimes? Read this funny book and make sure your kids see you reading and acting on it (they think you live to embarrass and traumatize them anyway, why ...

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