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Pac-Man Ghost USB Light

-23% Pac-Man Ghost USB Light

There may have been only 4 ghosts in Pac-Man - Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde - but this Pac-Man ghost USB light offers you 16 different colors for extra fun! Plug it in and choose either one color ...

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Star Wars BB-8 Desk Lamp

-41% Star Wars BB-8 Desk Lamp

BB-8 is a handy droid for so many things, now add to that list of handiness the fact that this BB-8 desk lamp can help you finish your homework after the sun goes down! Its the perfect addition to ...

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Super Heavy Solid Kilo Cube

Super Heavy Solid Kilo Cube

So tiny, yet so heavy. This tungsten block is shockingly heavy for being a 1.5 inch cube. In fact, it weighs a whole kilo (duh!) which is 2.2 pounds! An awesome thing to leave on your desk and watch ...

Hand-Carved Wooden Desk Organizer

Hand-Carved Wooden Desk Organizer

Add some elegance and class to your workspace with this intricately hand-carved wooden desk organizer. It will help you keep those stray papers, pens, paperclips, and the like organized while letting ...