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Bob Ross Chia Pet

Bob Ross Chia Pet

2 classics combine into one for this awesome piece of household or office decor: Bob Ross and Chia Pets. What could be more fun than having your own Bob Ross bust and watching the unique artist's ...

Zen Desktop Kinetic Sand Box

Zen Desktop Kinetic Sand Box

Imagine spending those boring conference calls or training videos playing in a sand box. Sounds fun, right? This box is the perfect desktop holder for that awesome BrookStone kinetic sand that is ...

Pac-Man Ghost USB Light

-23% Pac-Man Ghost USB Light

There may have been only 4 ghosts in Pac-Man - Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde - but this Pac-Man ghost USB light offers you 16 different colors for extra fun! Plug it in and choose either one color ...

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Star Wars BB-8 Desk Lamp

-41% Star Wars BB-8 Desk Lamp

BB-8 is a handy droid for so many things, now add to that list of handiness the fact that this BB-8 desk lamp can help you finish your homework after the sun goes down! Its the perfect addition to ...

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