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Compact Portable Workbench

-37% Compact Portable Workbench

You're a hard worker with a hard job to do. You need a workbench that can stand up to the job but can also move around with you to make your work more efficient. This portable workbench is compact ...

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Multi Tool Belt Buckle

-26% Multi Tool Belt Buckle

If you're a handy man on the go, then you need a multi tool that does it all that's easy to have on you at all times! This belt buckle multi tool sure does fit the bill! Use it to secure your belt ...

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Solar Eclipse-Viewing Glasses

-67% Solar Eclipse-Viewing Glasses

Guys! Next month on August 21, the US will get to experience a rare and awesome solar eclipse! Don't burn your retinas, though, be prepared with these glasses that make looking at the ...

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Liquid Plastic Welder

Liquid Plastic Welder

Bond, build, fix, or fill almost anything with this first-of-its-kind plastic welder! You'll find so many uses for this handy thing throughout your house that you'll wonder how you got along with ...

Adjustable Length Bungee Cord

Adjustable Length Bungee Cord

What's worse than needing to secure something and the bungee cord you have with you is the wrong length? Stop over-preparing by having a million bungees. Instead grab this adjustable length bungee ...

Kindling Fire Wood Splitter

-12% Kindling Fire Wood Splitter

Get crack-a-lacking and make Paul Bunyan proud with this wood splitter perfect for kindling sized firewood. And bonus! This splitter's design lets you do it without chopping off a limb in the ...

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