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Best Travel Pillow for Sleeping

-4% Best Travel Pillow for Sleeping

Look, when you've got a long flight ahead of you, comfort trumps style. This is the best travel pillow out there for snoozing in comfort while also looking like a large, flightless bird hiding its ...

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Mini Portable Espresso Maker

Mini Portable Espresso Maker

The need to satisfy that serious caffeine craving waits for no one - so if you're out and about, this mini, portable espresso maker should do the trick. Hand operated and entirely portable, you can ...

Detailed Waterproof Rome Map

-13% Detailed Waterproof Rome Map

You probably can't rely your phone's GPS when you're in a foreign city like Rome, Italy, so a Rome map is what you need! Most maps are hard to fold up and easily get ruined, but not this Crumpled ...

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Segway miniPro Personal Transporter

-38% Segway miniPro Personal Transporter

Sometimes you look at a product and simply decide, I need this. Maybe you never thought that product would be a Segway, but then again, maybe you never saw this awesome, app controlled mini Segway. ...

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Fjallraven Laptop Backpack

-23% Fjallraven Laptop Backpack

Do as the Swedes do and grab yourself this iconic Fjallraven Kanken bag in a modern-updated laptop backpack style. Sweden is known for producing well-designed and high-quality stuff (and great ...

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