10 Essential Gifts for the Guardians of the Galaxy Fan in Your Life

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just came out and it reignited your love for the series, didn’t it? Keep up that movie-loving high with this list of awesome products that are sure to remind you of the Star Lord, genetically engineered raccoon, humanoid tree, and other friends as you go about your day.

Star-Lord Legendary T-Shirt

You wake up in the morning and you need to throw on a *ahem* clean t-shirt. This Star-Lord Legendary Outlaw shirt is a pretty sweet choice!

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Awesome Mix Cutting Board

Gotta prep for the normal day of adulting ahead – use this Awesome Mix Vol. 2 cassette cutting board during your food prep to make this mundane task a bit fun.

Rocket Raccoon Backpack

Time to head out for the day. This Rocket Raccoon backpack will fit all your essentials.

Guardians Wall Art

Stuck in a bland cubicle for 8 hours? Jazz it up with this GOTG wall art.

Baby Groot USB Car Charger

Finally on your way outta there. Charge your phone while you drive with this baby Groot USB car charger. Bonus points: he dances!

Star-Lord Mask

Okay, now its on to the FUN part of the day. Doing what YOU want to do. Perhaps throw on this Star-Lord mask…

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Rocket Raccoon Blaster

…And chase the neighborhood kids outside with this Rocket Raccoon Nerf Gun blaster.

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Groot Theater Popcorn Tub

Or for a more low-key evening, pop some popcorn and toss it into this cute Groot popcorn tub…

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Rocket Raccoon Lounger

…Throw on this Rocket Raccoon lounger… if you’re into that…

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

…Pop in a movie and relax! What better selection is there than Guardians of the Galaxy? If you don’t own the first one, grab it here!

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Guardians of the galaxy gift guide

-40% Shocking Lie Detector Game

Shocking Lie Detector Game

Well this little lie detector will sure take the guesswork out of the game "3 truths and a lie!" Or, if you want to know what your friends really think about your new haircut, ...

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-41% Proto Man Buster Plasma Arm Cannon

Proto Man Buster Plasma Arm Cannon

You may love Mega Man but prefer the bad boy style of his older brother and rival/ally Proto Man. If so, you need this replica Proto Man buster plasma arm cannon. Strap it onto ...

$47.99 $79.99 Check it Out
Huge Latex Party Balloons

Huge Latex Party Balloons

Every party needs balloons. To make a party memorable though, go big with your party decorations. This pack of 10 48" round big balloons is guaranteed to make an impact and wow ...

Warming Butter Knife

Warming Butter Knife

Ugh. Getting that straight-from-the-fridge butter to melt on your toast is such a pain, let alone cutting through the cold hard stick of butter! Good thing there's this butter ...

SubPac Wearable Sound System

SubPac Wearable Sound System

Want to feel even more immersed in your music, video games, or VR? The SubPac is just what you need to take the audio portion of your experience and literally put yourself right ...

-20% Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp

Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp

How much more classic of a video game can you get than Tetris? This light brings those classic block shapes into a useful table lamp! The pieces are moveable with a practically ...

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Gold Handled Makeup Brush Set

Gold Handled Makeup Brush Set

Love to primp? Getting a gorgeous face is only more fun if the tools you're using a gorgeous too. This makeup brush set fits the bill; their gold handles and pretty ombre bristles ...

Wood Carved Animal Pens

Wood Carved Animal Pens

Craving a safari adventure but stuck at work? The struggle is real. Bring the African plains to your office with this set of wood carved animal pens. From a lion and a tiger to a ...

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