KZ Gear Floating Sunglasses Giveaway

UPDATE: giveaway closed. Congrats to Kristine H. & Richard B for winning!”
Giveaway Alert!! 🕶 ☀️ ⛱

KZ Gear Floatable Sunglasses Giveaway

We’re partnering with our friends at KZ Gear to giveaway some floatable sunglasses 🕶

We went to Charleston, SC to test out these bad boys in the big Atlantic Ocean waves. Checkout how these floatable sunglasses worked!

-63% Retro Captain America Collector’s Set

Retro Captain America Collector’s Set

Nothing screams patriotism like the classic look of 1940's era Captain America. Steve Rogers helped us win the war and won our hearts over in the process. This action figure ...

$29.99 $79.99 Check it Out
Round Beach Towel

Round Beach Towel

Stop being so square. Or rectangular. Right now it's all about the round beach towel. Spread out in the sand on this generous sized, mandala patterned beach towel and enjoy ...

-20% Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp

Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp

How much more classic of a video game can you get than Tetris? This light brings those classic block shapes into a useful table lamp! The pieces are moveable with a practically ...

$39.99 $49.99 Check it Out
Wooden Children’s Brain Teaser Puzzle

Wooden Children’s Brain Teaser Puzzle

Get your kiddo's minds engaged with this brain teaser puzzle! It's stylish enough that you won't hate seeing it sprawled across your rug and it offers quite the mental workout to ...

-37% Diffuser for Essential Oils

Diffuser for Essential Oils

Some claim that essential oils are the cure to many ailments. Who knows! They sure do smell nice at least! Whether for relaxation or health, this diffuser will mist water and ...

$31.99 $49.99 Check it Out
-71% Men’s Wooden Watch

Men’s Wooden Watch

Imagine a lumberjack who needs to get a bit dressed up. What is he wearing? His outfit is FOR SURE accessorized perfectly with this wooden watch. Made out of sandalwood, this ...

$29.99 $99.99 Check it Out
Miswak Natural Teeth Whitening Stick

Miswak Natural Teeth Whitening Stick

What is a miswak, you ask? It's a twig. From a tree. That's long been used in other parts of the world as a toothbrush. Better yet, it naturally whitens your teeth and helps keep ...

Gigantic Beach Ball

Gigantic Beach Ball

A big beach ball brings big fun. A giant beach ball brings giant fun! This one fits the bill because its 12 feet across and absolutely boss to play with! Make sure no small ...

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