Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm Review and Giveaway

UPDATE: Giveaway Closed
Congrats to Ryan C & Isaac S for winning!

🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT🚨 We’re partnering with our friends at BleepBleeps to give away 2 Sammy Screamer motion alarms!

Check out all the amazing uses for this ingenious product. Great for if you have kids, or live with an adult who acts like a kid!

Sammy Screamer Giveaway

Emergency Crank Radio

Emergency Crank Radio

It's always smart to be prepared for disaster πŸŒͺ ⚑️ 🌊 and stock your house with an emergency kit! Your kit should include this emergency crank radio. If the power is out, you can ...

-46% Tabletop Mini Pizza Oven

Tabletop Mini Pizza Oven

Your foodie friends are coming over for pizza night and they all like different toppings on their pies! Oh no! Now with this tabletop mini pizza oven, you can make 6 small πŸ•'s at ...

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-34% Spider-Man Sling Backpack

Spider-Man Sling Backpack

Spidey senses tingling? Pack up your gear in this Spider-Man sling backpack and check out what's going on. Its sling style will keep you hands free to be able to fight off any bad ...

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Coffee Prescription Mug

Coffee Prescription Mug

I've got a fever πŸ€’, and the only prescription is... coffee! This fun prescription mug encourages you to fill it with just what the doctor ordered... caffeine and more caffeine. ...

T Rex Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

T Rex Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Stop what you're doing. Now think. Think of all the times an inflatable T Rex costume would come in handy in your life. Nearly countless, right? This giant dino costume is so ...

Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

Your colon deserves to be happy and healthy. The makers of squatty potty believe regular ol' sitting on the pot makes your colon sad. Squat right up to the toilet with the squatty ...

Huge Latex Party Balloons

Huge Latex Party Balloons

Every party needs balloons. To make a party memorable though, go big with your party decorations. This pack of 10 48" round big balloons is guaranteed to make an impact and wow ...

-56% Firework Essential Oil Diffuser

Firework Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you one of the many who swears by the benefits of essential oils? An essential oil diffuser will help you reap those benefits in the form of aromatherapy. This diffuser just ...

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