Smart Rain Shower Head with Water Usage and Temperature Display

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It’s hard to conserve water and energy when you’re busy taking a hot 45 minute shower each day. This smart shower head will show you your water usage and what temperature your shower is set at, making it easy to go green and save green on that water bill!

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Scratch Off World Map

Scratch Off World Map

Brag to your friends about how much you travel without having to say a word with this scratch off world map. Any globalist will love coming home from another trip and scratching ...

-34% Spider-Man Sling Backpack

Spider-Man Sling Backpack

Spidey senses tingling? Pack up your gear in this Spider-Man sling backpack and check out what's going on. Its sling style will keep you hands free to be able to fight off any bad ...

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-34% Beard Growth Conditioner, Oil, and Balm Set

Beard Growth Conditioner, Oil, and Balm Set

Stringy, scrawny, patchy facial hair? You need to grab this beard growth conditioner, oil, and balm. It conditions those hairs to grow thick and healthy so you're beard can be ...

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Vikings Single Blade Razor

Vikings Single Blade Razor

If you enjoy pure, raw manliness along with a face so smooth that bae can't stop kissing it, then you need this single blade razor in your bathroom cabinet. Enjoy a clean shave ...

Ghostbusters Proton Backpack

Ghostbusters Proton Backpack

🎵 When there's something strange in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! 🎵 And then they'll come with their Proton Packs and harness the ghosts. Get your own Proton ...

Vehicle Seat Gap Filler

Vehicle Seat Gap Filler

Don't you just hate losing stuff down your crack? (the crack between your car seats, that is.) Use this weird looking seat gap filler to cover the crack next to your car seat and ...

-44% Leather and Waxed Canvas Reusable Lunch Bag

Leather and Waxed Canvas Reusable Lunch Bag

Brown bagging your lunch every day sure isn't good for the environment! Go green with a reusable lunch bag like this one. Its sturdy construction and rugged materials will ensure ...

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Gift for Employees – “World’s Okayest Employee” Mug

Gift for Employees – “World’s Okayest Employee” Mug

Congratulations! You're no longer the low man on the totem pole. If you've got people reporting to you, you may be on the search for a good (but cheap!) gift for employees. If ...

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