Ceramic Pumpkin Pie Dishes with Lid

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Thanksgiving is upon us: the time when our collective obsession for 🎃 flavor is at its height. Turn the attention from PSL to the classic staple of pumpkin pie with this adorable pumpkin-shaped ceramic pie dishes! Cute enough to adorn any Turkey Day table! 🦃 🍁 🍰

Supernova Sphere

Supernova Sphere

Sometimes, a star is born. Other times, a star explodes. That's called a supernova. Supernovas are beautiful, but really big and happen in space. Thankfully the beauty of a ...

-34% Food Prep Scale with Nutritional Facts Display

Food Prep Scale with Nutritional Facts Display

This kitchen scale is the perfect companion for any food prep task for the health conscious. Not only can you weigh out your food, but the scale also knows and can display ...

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-32% 360 Degree Camera

360 Degree Camera

Ever go somewhere so cool that you wish you could remember what the entire scene was like? This 360 degree camera will help you capture the whole view in one awesome shot, helping ...

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Stacking Kebab Maker

Stacking Kebab Maker

It's such a hassle to assemble kebabs for your bbq. BUT NOT ANYMORE! With this kebab maker, stack your ingredients all together, then use this guide to stab 6 kebabs at a time and ...

World’s Strongest Coffee

World’s Strongest Coffee

You wake up in the morning feeling absolutely drained and in need of some coffee. No, none of this pre-ground, been sitting at the grocery store for a month junk. This coffee has ...

-14% Water Balloon Roulette Party Game

Water Balloon Roulette Party Game

Real Russian Roulette: NOT COOL. Water balloon roulette: a legit party game! Pass this balloon-popping gun around and see which of your friends get soaked! It will add a little ...

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-20% Smart Doorbell with Video and Speakers

Smart Doorbell with Video and Speakers

No more wondering whose at the door; now with this smart doorbell you can see for yourself, whether you're home or away. You can also talk directly to the person at the door, ...

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Joey from Friends Moo Point Mug

Joey from Friends Moo Point Mug

Everybody who loved Joey from Friends recalls fondly when he said "it's a moo point." 🐮 Celebrate your love of an iconic TV show, character, and quote with this moo point mug and ...

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